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PSO2 New Genesis Summoner Class Delayed

PSO2 New Genesis Summoner Class Delayed

The December 28, 2021 PSO2 New Genesis Headline revealed something people might have suspected, which is that the Summoner class is delayed. Sega initially offered a Spring 2022 release window for it. However, the latest PSO2 New Genesis roadmap covered up until June 2022 and didn’t mention it. There is no precise release window for it now.

Here’s the statement from the developers shared by PSO2 New Genesis Official Navigator Hiro Arai. It confirmed the delay is due to the team improving other gameplay elements. It also set a new “late 2022” release window for the class.

Before the NGS launch, the goal was to release Summoner around Spring 2022. However, we’ve had to lower the priority of the development of Summoner to focus on improving content and expanding adventuring elements based on the feedback we received post-launch.

Thus, we estimate that the release of Summoner will be in late 2022. We appreciate your patience and we’ll make sure to let you know when the date is fixed. We apologize for this bad news and for our failure to inform you all when the roadmap was updated.

You can see the exact explanation for the PSO2 New Genesis Summoner class delay at the 24:20 mark.

As the name suggests, the Summoner is a Pet-based class. It also appeared in the original PSO2. There, players would take up a Gunslash or Takt and use it to direct their Pet to attack opponents. There were multiple types available in PSO2, each with their own specialties. For example, Torim is a bird-like one that is essentially a glass cannon that focuses on Photon Arts. People could also get a Rappy pet for their Summoner.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is playable on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. The PSO2 New Genesis Summoner will appear in late 2022. The eight currently available classes are Bouncer, Braver, Fighter, Force, Gunner, Hunter, Ranger, and Techter.

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