Psychedelic Exploration Game TRIP Is Getting A Pokémon Snap-Style Makeover



Axel Shokk, the creator of first-person exploration game TRIP, has announced that it’s getting a makeover in the style of Pokémon Snap.


TRIP was originally released in 2012 as a small art experiment. However, its creators returned to it last year to add new worlds, mazes, and a new soundtrack. It’s currently on Steam Early Access while this is all being worked out.


But with this new announcement it seems that the planned scope of TRIP has been expanded significantly. You’ll be playing as a field scientist who is tasked with taking pictures of fauna, flora, minerals, and other interesting objects as you explore the wild Cubist 3D worlds of the game.



As you take this pictures, you’ll jot down notes on the creatures you see, including how they behave, their diet, how they reproduce, and their social patterns. “The gameplay will play out much like a freeroaming version of Pokemon snap,” writes Shokk on his blog, “you will have to be cunning and use your wits in order to obtain great pictures and data as most creatures will be wary of your presence and will try to flee or defend their turf.”


A Kickstarter to fund this bigger version of TRIP will be on its way soon. Anyone who has already purchased TRIP won’t have to pay again to get any of the new content.

Chris Priestman