Psychic X Ghost, An Upcoming Visual Novel About Hunting Specters


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Psychic x Ghost is an upcoming kinetic visual novel about college-attending psychics with extraordinary abilities. There’s a demo you can download on


It’s about a girl called Allison who was murdered by her father while he was investigating the afterlife when she was eight-years-old. Turns out his investigation led to her being revived by the power of something called the Dichotomy Crystal.


Now, a decade later, Allison is attending a college for people just like her – Psychics. The ones she hangs around with include “the silent boxer, Jacob, her best frenemy, Yvette, a half-op trans-girl, and Fuuko, her best frenemy’s six-foot Japanese girlfriend.”


They’ve all been to the other side and have returned with special abilities. And so these Psychics go to college to hone these abilities so they can defeat ghosts. Specifically, these Ghosts are called Emergences, which are people who died like the Psychics did but didn’t fully come back.


Aside from the visual novel’s main story, you’ll be following along with Allison as she crams for tests and tries to get involved in the college’s dating game.

Chris Priestman