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Psyvariar Delta Now Coming West Around Feb 2019; Penguin Wars PS4 Around Jan 2019


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Dispatch Games has dispatched an update on the status of Psyvariar Delta, which was announced back in summer but stayed quiet since. The also updated people on the current status of Penguin Wars’ PlayStation 4 version.


Psyvariar Delta

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Psyvariar Delta’s code has been approved, and is currently in the waitlist for physical version production. The game will likely come out in February 2019. Meanwhile, the PS4 version is currently being approved.


As an apology for the delay, Cybattler’s Blanche, who appeared as a DLC character, will be given out to everyone who pre-purchased via Dispatch Games’ Online Store. This will count towards all people who bought it from the day pre-orders started, as well as people who pre-order it now.


Penguin Wars (PS4)

penguin wars ps4


The code for Penguin Wars for PS4 has been approved, and the game has gone to manufacturing. The game will now release around January 2019, and includes Hebereke as free DLC to Dispatch Games Online Store buyers, similar to Psyvariar Delta.


Psyvariar Delta is available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan, though it is headed to arcades and PC as well. The Western version releases February 2019. Penguin Wars is available on the Nintendo Switch, and is coming to PS4 in January 2019.

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