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Psyvariar Delta Will Get Cybattler As A DLC Playable Unit


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Psyvariar Delta is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this August, and developer City Connection revealed recently that Cybattler from JALECO’s Cybattler arcade game will be an extra playable unit as DLC later on. This was announced in an interview with Bahamut.


Here are the highlights below:

  • Psyvariar Delta is City Connection’s first title to have a physical release, after their previous digital-only releases for Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase and Penguin Wars.


  • There are two different spacecraft you can use, which differ in their specs.


  • The original composer for Psyvariar’s soundtrack, WASi303, is returning to create new songs for Psyvariar Delta. Furthermore, new songs by famous shmup composers will be added alongside new DLC units.


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  • Thanks to the new widescreen format, there are new screen configurations in the game that show off more information that was originally hidden in the arcade version. These include EXP percentages, boss HP, the current Buzz multiplier that awards extra EXP, invincibility time, and more. There are also configurations that are suited for local co-op play.


  • The Nintendo Switch version of the game will use HD Rumble to haptically let players feel Level Ups and know when they are invincible.


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  • There are also several difficulty settings in the Options menu, and you can adjust the amount of lives and bomb stocks you get.


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  • There is an option to show the hitboxes of your unit’s and the enemies shots.


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  • For the cover of the Asia version of the game, the pilots of the units were put front and center, despite being a secret for people who beat the game before, similar to Metroid.




  • Cybattler is an old JALECO arcade game that will be a DLC unit in Psyvariar Delta. Originally, this news was supposed to be revealed in mid-June.



  • After Psyvariar Delta, City Connection will be remaking another two JALECO titles.


Psyvariar Delta will be released in Japan on August 30, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases in North America and Europe in Summer 2018.

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