From The Publisher Of Goat Simulator 2014 Comes A Peaceful Story About An Uncle

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When one thinks “first-person,” the gamer mind helpfully fills in the missing word “shooter”. Not so for A Story About My Uncle, a non-violent first-person game from developers Gone North Games.


The game will be published on Steam by Coffee Stain Studios who said “Sure, this sounds like a great idea!” to Goat Simulator 2014.

In A Story About My Uncle, there’s only so much a man can do when their uncle is a bit on the mad inventor side of things. That explains why he’s gone off and got himself lost and you have to go find him. Players quickly pick up the special glove that lets them manipulate gravity to some extent, swinging, flying and maneuvering through the alien Unreal Engine-powered alien world.


The original game was created as a university project and won accolades back in 2012,  including the Swedish Game Awards 2012’s—where it was nominated for their Game of the Year. The demo that was floating around since then has now been pulled as well, as the devs felt it was no longer an “accurate representation” of the game.


They have, since added plentiful updates such as a longer, more optimized game with “enhanced” storylines, reworked art assets and characters for the upcoming finalized version.


A Story About My Uncle is set to release on PC in summer 2014.

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