Punch Club’s Release Date Is Being Decided By Twitch Players


Publisher tinyBuild is working with Twitch to launch the ‘90s-style boxing management sim Punch Club (previously called VHS Story) in a unique way. In short: the game won’t be released until it has been beaten on Twitch (or, if they can’t, then it will be released on January 25th). Introducing “Twitch Plays Punch Club.”


As with previous livestreamed gaming events like “Twitch Plays Pokémon,” the idea will be for viewers of the livestream to control Punch Club by typing hashtag commands into the Twitch chat.


This makes it a lot tougher to complete than usual as, typically, there’ll be hundreds of players wrestling to control the game at once, rather than just the one. That said, Twitch viewers have managed to beaten not only Pokémon, but more twitchy games including Dark Souls and Halo before.


All that considered, it should only be a matter of time before Twitch beats Punch Club. Oh, and while you’re watching, you can pre-order Punch Club directly on Twitch.

Chris Priestman