Have You Punched A Pervert Today?



So maybe you don’t like MANLY MEN. We get that. We really do. Not everyone can take the manliness of Baron Dino. Maybe what you really want is something softer. Something cutesy and lovable… like a superheroine who beats up perverts. Enter Punishment Punch Girl, a crazy smartphone game which challenges players to beat the stuffing out of perverts.


Because in the year 20XX, Japan has been overrun with these crazed men who want nothing more than to be beaten up by the masked high school girl “Momiji”  and administered “justice”. Yes, that includes that weirdo over there in the pink schoolgirl swimsuit and randoseru – which should be noted is something only elementary school kids wear… Ick.



The controls are pretty simple—once the timer starts, just wail away on the four combo button types on the bottom of the screen. They correspond to moves like uppercuts and jabs and punches in specific directions. Finish off the foe by the end, and keep going to score high scores to post online. And yes, there are unlockable costumes for Momiji as well as unlockable stages to fight on. I, uh, I need to go wash my hands now please.


Punishment Punch Girl is out now on iOS and will “eventually” be made available for Android as well.



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