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Punchy Screenshots From PC And PS Vita Brawler Curses ‘N Chaos Arrive



Tribute Games is starting to release batches of screenshots from its upcoming arcade action game Curses ‘N Chaos on a weekly basis. So it seems like a good time to let you know what it’s all about.


Curses ‘N Chaos was announced earlier this year for PC and PlayStation Vita, with it originally stated as coming out this fall, which it of course didn’t.


You play as either a martial artist called Lea, or a lightly armored knight called Leo, as they fight back waves of enemies in a single screen with punches and kicks.



The whole idea of the game is to break the curse that the two characters have upon them which causes them to be constantly attacked by goblins, skeletons, ghouls, animals, and all sorts of other creatures.


To do this you need to craft potions in the game’s shop in between stages with the aid of the alchemist. This costs money, and you get money by collecting it from the monsters you’ve defeated.



You can also purchase one-time use items such as bombs and ballistas in the shop. The final boss, however, can only be beaten with the strongest potion that the alchemist can whip up for you.


You can see the first batch of screenshots from Bellwood and the Forest of Lost Souls above and below. You can follow the development of Curses ‘N Chaos on Tribute Games’s blog.



Chris Priestman