Punishingly Difficult NES Transformers Game Is Back As An Endless Runner Title


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Q Transformers: Return of the Convoy Mystery is a re-imagining of a punishingly difficult Famicom game published by Bandai (minus the Namco) back in the ’80s.



The game is now back as an endless runner-style game where you control Optimus Prime, and features the Q line of Transformer toys. We’re placing bets in the comments if that’s supposed to stand for “Cute” since the toyline is a chibi-fied toy line. It also features the silly final boss against a humongous Decepticon sign.


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Q Transformers also been streamlined, featuring only two buttons: A transform button which morphs you from Autobot to vehicle mode and back as well as a jump button. The transform button becomes an attack button during boss fights. This means you don’t actually get to fight any of the enemies you’re rushing past for most of the game so you’ll need to avoid them.


It seems this is part of a prep to bring the Q Transformers line up in the limelight. YouTuber WalrusLaw grabbed the above full trailer promo, which also shows off the toy line as well as makes mention of an anime series. The game itself will also feature some new characters, according to the silhouette pic above.


Hopefully, the game is a little easier this time around. Q Transformers: Return of the Convoy Mystery is out now on iOS and Android.