Some Purchase Methods Back Up After Mangagamer Payment Processor Shutdown



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Mangagamer, a company that specializes in bringing Japanese visual novels to English speakers, has re-opened coupon and point-only order processing after having to shut the site’s payment processor down over credit card fraud a few days ago.


In the past few months, the site has been hit with people using stolen credit cards to buy games with Steam keys, then selling those keys on third-party sites. When the theft is discovered, the victim of the credit card theft gets their money back, but the Steam copy of the game cannot be recovered.


These actions have damaged their reputation with their payment processors, and after being unable to find a workaround, Mangagamer shut down purchases from its site and will no longer offer Steam keys with site sales, telling players to purchase their games directly from Steam if they want a Steam key.


Some payment options have re-opened, such as buying games with Mangagamer points or using coupons from bundle sites or other offers. There is no set timeline on when regular purchases will resume.

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