Nintendo 3DS

Pushmo Gets A Free-To-Play 3DS Title In Japan



Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released the latest of their platform puzzler series with Pushmo: Hippaland, a free-to-play title for the Nintendo 3DS. The official website shares more details on the game.



Pushmo: Hippaland is pretty much the same as past titles, where you go through puzzles by stacking, pulling, and jumping on blocks. There are several courses that are free as part of the “Beginner’s Corner” stages.


Once players learn how to play the game, they can purchase new packs of stages that come in various difficulties.



The “Waku-Waku Plaza” has a two-star difficulty rating. It has a variety of 100 different courses, and is recommended to beginners, for 500 yen.



The “Object Plaza” features animals and all kinds of different fun shapes as part of its puzzles. Its 50 courses have a difficulty rating of three-stars, and costs 300 yen.



In the “Action Plaza,” you’ll need to dodge attacks from mecha, and also use them to climb your way through the puzzle. There are 50 courses total, and it has a four-star difficulty rating for 300 yen.



And finally, the “Famicom Plaza” is the most difficult set of 50 courses at a five-star difficulty. It features all kinds of familiar characters from the Famicom era, and costs 300 yen.



By purchasing a single plaza pack, you’ll unlock a mode to make your own courses and share them via QR codes. You can also buy all four packs for 1,000 yen instead of 1,400 yen for them all individually.

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