Put Your Devil May Cry Skills To Use In Free Hack ‘N’ Slasher VoYD



Game artist Nat Pash has released super-stylish and fast-paced hack-‘n’-slasher VoYD for free. If you’re a master of Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance you should be able to put some of those skills to use here.


The set-up is as simple as it gets – there’s no story or explanation for what’s going on, you only know that you must kill. The tools at your disposal include a fast and a strong attack tied to the mouse buttons. And there’s a dash move that can be employed by slamming down the Space bar.


Taking place in minimalist, randomly generated arenas, to succeed to the next level you must dash and slice through all the enemies without dying. Each level adds more enemies and corrupted tiles in the world that issue damage if you come into contact with them.



As there’s nowhere to take cover, you can be expect to be attacked by groups and from all sides, meaning that how you space yourself is important. You’ll also want to ensure you hit before your enemies get a chance. At the end of each level you get a lettered ranking from A to F.


See you how well you can by downloading VoYD from its website and giving it a go.

Chris Priestman