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Puyo Puyo Chronicle Shows Off Some Of Its RPG Features In Latest Gameplay Video



During a recent livestream, Sega showed off a first look at some gameplay footage for Puyo Puyo Chronicle, their upcoming 3DS RPG to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. [Thanks, Perfectly Nintendo.]


The story takes place in a mysterious world that Arle and Carbuncle get sucked into, where they meet a mysterious young girl named Arie who thinks of Arle as some sort of hero. The group will have to work together in order to make it back to their world, and they’ll do so by exploring the lands and taking part in Puyo battles with an RPG twist.


Sega also says that the content shown in the footage isn’t exactly complete, as it is still in development, so things such as voiced dialogue isn’t shown, but they’re adding that plus a lot more as the development moves forward.


In addition to Puyo Puyo Chronicle’s main RPG Mode, there are traditional versus modes, which include 17 different popular rules from Puyo Puyo for those who just want to play the regular game. The Internet Versus mode is also available for online play.


Puyo Puyo Chronicle releases in Japan on December 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out more from its latest trailer in our earlier report.

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