Nintendo 3DS

Puyo Puyo Chronicle’s New Trailer Shows Its New RPG Elements And Traditional Play



Sega shared a look at the latest gameplay footage of their upcoming puzzle RPG, Puyo Puyo Chronicle, for Nintendo 3DS.


The video starts out with a look at some of the story parts from the main RPG mode, where Arle and Carbuncle get sucked into a mysterious picture book and sent to another world.


You’ll get to explore its 3D world and fight monsters in RPG fashion, but with its traditional Puyo Puyo gameplay to take out enemies in battle. The video demonstrates some of its multiplayer features that allows you to team up with friends to take out monsters for loot, or simply go versus mode, which features 17 different rules from the series.


Puyo Puyo Chronicle releases in Japan on December 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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