Puzzle & Dragon Adds Bleach Soul Reapers And Zanpakuto For A Limited Time


    pr_bleach_collabrem_rukia_orihime Another collaboration has come to Puzzle & Dragons. Characters from Bleach are now available in the game. people who stop in the app can enter into dungeons with the 13 Court Guard Squad captains and send their team against them for rewards, possibly dropping Zanpakuto.


    Puzzle & Dragons’ Bleach collaboration also has a new Rare Egg machine in addition to the intermediate to mythical ranked dungeons and weapons. Some of the characters available in the machine include Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Chad, Uryu, Urahara, Yoruichi, Rangiku, Kenpachi, and Hitsugaya to their roster. If you collect their appropriate Zanpakuto, they can be fused to the character with Power-Up Fusion and lower the cooldown on skills. Ichigo can also be evolved to his Substitute Soul Reaper and hollow forms. Though, he isn’t the only one. Promotional images also shows other characters evolving to advanced forms.


    Bleach characters, dungeons, and weapons will be available in Puzzle & Dragons until April 18, 2016. Puzzle & Dragons is playable on Apple iOS and Android devices.

    Jenni Lada
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