Puzzle & Dragon’s Crossover With Final Fantasy Is Coming To North America



GungHo and Square Enix have announced that the Puzzle & Dragons crossover with Final Fantasy available in Japan earlier this year is coming to North America. It’ll be available from November 2nd to November 15th.


The crossover will see heroes from the Final Fantasy series available in a special Egg Machine. Villains will also make an appearance in the Netherworld dungeon – it has five floors with seven battles per floor and ranges from Intermediate to Mythical in difficulty.


Here’s a list of all the characters and items that will make an appearance in Puzzle & Dragons and the Final Fantasy game they’re from:


  • Final Fantasy: Chaos
  • Final Fantasy II: Emperor of Palamecia
  • Final Fantasy III: Cloud of Darkness
  • Final Fantasy IV: Zeromus
  • Final Fantasy V: Gilgamesh and Neo Exdeath
  • Final Fantasy VI: Kefka
  • Final Fantasy VII: Cloud, Sephiroth, Buster Sword, Masamune, and Fat Chocobo
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Squall, Rinoa, Angelo, Gunblade, and Pinwheel
  • Final Fantasy IX: Zidane, Vivi, and Mage Masher
  • Final Fantasy X: Yuna, Tidus, Tidus’ Brotherhood, and Yuna’s Staff
  • Final Fantasy Type-0: Ace
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions Series: Aemo, Mootie
  • Mobius Final Fantasy: Wol


You can download Puzzle & Dragons for free on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

Chris Priestman