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Puzzle & Dragons X Footage And Details On The New RPG Elements



CoroCoro Comic revealed the latest on GungHo Online Entertainment’s upcoming 3DS RPG, Puzzle & Dragons X, with a some gameplay footage and new details on how it plays.


Puzzle & Dragons X is the follow up to the 3DS RPG Puzzle & Dragons Z, which was based on the popular smartphone puzzler. While the puzzle system remains the same in the new title, it adds a new game system and characters that are part of the story. It also has more RPG elements, where you’ll get to walk around and explore dungeons with random encounters.


Unlike the previous game, the protagonist will fight alongside the monsters for the puzzle battles. You can switch to the “Capture Board” during battle in order to acquire material for your “Soul Armor” by defeating enemies after filling up a monster’s “Capture Gauge.”


Soul Armors are a piece of equipment with the allied monsters’ power in it, and can be equipped by the protagonist. This can change the protagonist’s appearances and also have its own Leader Skills. Soul Armors are made with different material, and done at the “Soul Armor Store” in town.


The protagonist’s partner Tamazo will help out throughout the adventure, and has the power to transform into other monsters and use their abilities.


Puzzle & Dragons X will release in Japan in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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