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Puzzle & Dragons X Video Shows Off A Boss Fight Challenge


GungHo Online Entertainment is working on the latest of their puzzler RPG series with Puzzle & Dragons X for 3DS. CoroCoro Comic put together a recent footage showing off a boss fight challenge.

Since these guys are Puzzle & Dragons specialists, they decided to give this boss fight a little twist by taking it out in one shot. Since the first boss was a bit easy, they try the next one, which ends up being a little more difficult than expected.

As shown in our earlier report, Puzzle & Dragons X will have the same puzzle system, but it’ll add more to it with new characters, story, and RPG elements that will allow you to walk around and explore dungeons with random encounters.

There’s also a new “Capture Board” feature that lets you acquire material for your “Soul Armor,” which is done by filling up a monster’s “Capture Gauge.” Basically, Soul Armors are pieces of equipment that has monster powers in it, and can be equipped by the protagonist.

These equipment can change the hero’s appearances and they also have their own Leader Skills. You can make them with different material through town, and they’ll give you a unique new way of taking on monsters in the upcoming puzzle RPG.

Puzzle & Dragons X will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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