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Puzzle & Dragons X’s Latest Footage Explores Its Island And Shows Off Boss Fights


GungHo Online Entertainment recently got together with CoroCoro Comic to show off the latest on their upcoming 3DS puzzler RPG Puzzle & Dragons X with a look at some exploration and boss fights.

The first video gives us a tour of Dragoza Island. This place is home to various elements and is an island that is more on the nature-side of things. The beginning of the footage starts out in the City of Water. There are mini-quests to take on, which can also be done cooperatively.

The lab is used for monster enhancing, evolving, and awakening. The Connection Area lets you send gifts, trade, manage Puzzle Friends. More on that will be revealed later. There’s also the Soul Armor Store, which we previously detailed. There’s also a “GachaDra Counter” where you can choose Gacha Medals at the 2:35 mark, where CoroCoro is allowed, albeit reluctantly, to try out a Gold Gacha. The player ended up getting a monster that he already had; however, they say that it won’t only have monsters but also items required for evolutions.

The 3:22 mark shows us the Dragon Flight feature, which allows you to fly to any city you’ve previously visited. Towns have different appearances but they all have the same basic facilities. The game involves going around Dragoza Island to check out all the strange happenings and investigate what’s been going on.  At the 5:46 mark we get to see a little bit of dungeon exploration and battles, and also a boss fight at 6:50.

The second video shows how they’ll take on a mysterious dragon summoning organization called Dominion. The protagonist is warned to be careful as the Drops are acting strange in the area, likely due to the boss. At 4:40, they come across a mysterious man by the cliff. As it turns out, he’s the boss who summons a Crystal Aurora Dragon that has the ability to bind elemental types to prevent any monster of the element from attacking.

Puzzle & Dragons X will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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