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Puzzle Dungeon JRPG Chronus Arc Now Available In Europe, Australia On 3DS


Kemco has released its Zelda-ish puzzle-RPG Chronus Arc on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Europe and Australia. It costs 9.99€ / £8.99 / AUD $13.00.


You play as Loka, a trainee Sorcerer Knight, as he heads off to gather the Chronus Fragments necessary for the ceremony of “Time Rewinding.” As you can guess from its title, this occult ritual overwrites the current world with the past – you guessed it, time rewinds.

However, as Loka is doing this, a mysterious man appears with the intention of stealing the Fragments. Princess Sarna, Loka’s childhood friend, joins him as they venture through puzzle dungeons, pushing blocks and finding hidden switches under urns. It also has random battles and a class change system.


Chronus Arc is has already been released for iOS and Android. The 3DS version is also available in Japan.

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