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Q-Games Is Bringing The Tomorrow Children To PS4 This Fall


As well as releasing the new E3 trailer for The Tomorrow Children (above), Q-Games announced that it would be bringing the game to PlayStation 4 this fall.


Since the closed alpha test of The Tomorrow Children last year, Q-Games says it has added loads of new features to the game that haven’t been shown off anywhere in public yet. This includes “strange and magical tools, cute and unique clothing, and bizarre and imposing structures,” and much more.


If you need a reminder, The Tomorrow Children has you playing as a “projection clone” sent into the Void to collect matryoshka dolls in an effort to restore humanity. You get the dolls by reaching certain islands and defeating monsters. But to do that you’ll need to build out the Void with buildings (shops, facilities, and your own home), vehicles, and tools.

Chris Priestman