Question The Warring World Of Indonesian RPG Elventales: A Path Foreseen



Indonesian studio Elventales Games has announced its story-driven, hack-‘n’-slash RPG Elventales: A Path Foreseen. It’s currently up on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.


It follows a young elf called August who dreams of one day being in the army. As he travels across the kingdom, August is confronted with battles between multiple factions with different ideologies. It brings him to question what he seeks, the notion of universal truth, and to discover what he believes in.


With August’s abilities you’re able to approach the game’s 50+ quests in many ways. Invisibility lets you pickpocket and assassinate. Using spells and showing off your war hammer allows for intimidation and brute force. While it’s also possible to converse with characters to work out more passive methods of accomplishing your objectives.


It’s not just how you talk to other characters that will affect how they react to you either. They take note of what you wear, your reputation, and how you behave to understand how to handle you if approached. Merchants will be friendlier if you appear to be rich. Villagers may fear you if you’re known for taking out large groups of bandits. Girls in the revolutionary army may also become attracted to you if they like what they hear, or completely dismiss you for the same reason.


Hack-‘n’-slash battles allow for unlimited combos if you get the timing right. You can also dash to avoid attacks, and dashing can be combined with combos, arcanes, and apparel for different effects, such as knocking enemies back by dashing with a shield. Regarding those arcanes, there are over 100 over them in the game, each of which can be combined with combos, apparel, and your fighting style to boost them.


Elventales Games is looking for $30,000 on Kickstarter to continue working on the game full-time. A copy of Elventales: A Path Foreseen for PC is available for $10.

Chris Priestman