Quick Weapon Swaps Make For fast-Paced Fights In Metroidvania Flynn: Son Of Crimson


Through the use of Crimson Power, the protagonist of Flynn: Son of Crimson can switch weapons in a flurry, shifting from axe blows to sword strikes to claw slashes to a hail of arrows in moments, allowing players to make up some dizzying combos.


Love between a human and a goddess has made for some trouble in the world of Rosantica, with deity Lord Zealock falling into a rage upon finding that Crimson Goddess Sorrell has fallen for a human knight. This leads Zealock to lash out at humanity, which in turn causes Sorrell to sacrifice herself to seal the enraged god to another world, as well as the dangerous Scourge he had created. This power does not seem to be holding, though, as cracks between dimensions begin to form across the world.

Players will control Flynn on their journey to stop the evil power that is seeping into Rosantica, slipping through cracks he finds throughout the world to stop the Scourge and rescue any people that have been drawn into it. To do so, he’ll have to defeat the monsters within each area, using an array of weapons that can be switched on the fly. From the slow axe, piercing sword, quick claws, and a bow, players can shuffle their weapon loadout around, using each weapon’s special properties to take advantage of enemy weaknesses the second they appear.


These weapons will grow in power over the course of the game, as Flynn can travel to Sanctia and trade in collectible Crimson Shards he finds to make them stronger. He can also pick up quests that may require some exploration out in the game’s open world, or also grab new moves that can make drastic changes to combat. Having to come back to a single city to do these things across the game’s many areas could possibly be a pain, but players can open up new routes through the game using newly-unlocked moves, or also by grabbing a ride from their giant dog ally, Dex.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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