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R-Type Final 2 Handily Jets Past Its Kickstarter Goal In Two Days


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In two days, R-Type Final 2 has crossed its Kickstarter goal of $416,267, meaning that the rest of the time will be dedicated to meeting the stretch goals.


Furthermore, Granzella has answered questions in the Kickstarter comment section, revealing a few more details about the game:

  • “We are developing R-TYPE FINAL2 using Unreal Engine 4. The screenshots and videos you can see on our Kickstarter campaign page are also what have been produced using Unreal Engine 4.”


  • “We are currently trying to solicit cooperation from the sound creators of the first R-Type, asking for them to participate in this project. We we will talk to many other creators who have involved in the development of the past R-Type series.”


  • “As with the previous R-TYPE series, the player can freely change the speed of his/her machine while playing the game. In addition, we will continue to adjust the speed of bullets and the movement of the Bydo to be close to the those in the past R-Type titles.”


  • “There is currently no plan to have shared save data between different platform versions.”


  • “Though we are not currently considering to implement multiplayer functions on R-Type Final 2, we are making our best effort and giving serious consideration as to add and implement specifications that would satisfy our users.”


  • “We are sorry that we had to set such an extremely short campaign period. Once the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is over, we would like to look into the possibility to have another opportunity to receive project support in some other way.”


  • “We are sorry to inform you that we do not have the rights to the past R-type series titles.”


  • “If we can successfully finalize R-Type Final 2, we will be able to start thinking about the further development of the franchise.”


R-Type Final 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. You can find the game’s Kickstarter page here, the game’s Twitter page here, and Facebook page here.

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