Drive!Drive!Drive! is a racing game cranked up to ridiculous. Yes, that’s the scale of measurement I’m using. If Gran Turismo is sensible, and Mario Kart is silly, then Drive!Drive!Drive! is most certainly ridiculous.


Get this: it’s a racing game in which you drive along multiple tracks at the same time. The burning question, then, is … how?!


Well, if you watch the trailer above you’ll get some idea of the answer to that question. It seems that the tracks are stacked on top of each other in parallel. So, you’re controlling several cars at the same time essentially driving across copies of the same track. However, that doesn’t explain the one track on show that is perpendicular with another track lying straight up vertical.



At least it has a suitably Drive-esque (yes, the Ryan Gosling film) soundtrack provided by Zombi. That’s something understandable, at least.


As to what platforms it’s coming to and when – no idea. The end of the trailer simply says “coming to some platforms at some point in the future.” Oh, and by the way, this is by Different Cloth, the same team that created lilt line and Derrick the Deathfin.

Chris Priestman

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