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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology’s Demo With Carry-Over Saves Now Out In Japan



    Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology launches next week in Japan and Atlus released the game’s demo with carry-over save data for Nintendo 3DS, featuring the first chapters of its three “Histories.”


    The demo features the first chapters of both Standard and Alternate History timelines in the 3DS remake that were from the original DS game, but playing through those chapters unlocks the brand new “Sub-History” timeline that’s been made for Perfect Chronology.


    Players will also get to take their demo’s save data into the full release version of the game to continue where they leave off as well as bonus items that will be useful for your adventure with the “Fruit of Strength,” “Fruit of Mana,” and Medi’s Brach.”


    Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology releases in Japan on June 29, 2017 and in early 2018 for North America and Europe on Nintendo 3DS. Check our previous report for a look at its latest footage showing more on its positional battles.

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