Radirgy S Announced, And Is Coming To A Platform Starting With An ‘S’

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At the recent Arxial Rendezvous 2 event, a new Radirgy game called Radirgy S (temporary name) was announced, and is coming out in late Fall this year. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


From what was shown off at the event, the game will retain the series’ vertical scrolling shooter gameplay, as well as the Shot, Shield, and Sword gameplay elements. The game apparently takes place in the year 4096.


The reason the game is speculated to be coming to a console starting with ‘s’ is because of its name. Previous Radirgy titles and ports have almost always based the subtitle off the console in some manner, such as Radirgy Precious (PS2), Radirgy Generic (GameCube), as well as Radirgy Noa’s Microsoft Xbox 360 port, Radirgy Noa MASSIVE. The one exception is the Nintendo 3DS game, Radirgy de Gojaru.


Here are some screenshots from the event:


More information on Radirgy S will be revealed in the future. The game is currently set for a late Fall release.

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