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Radirgy S Officially Named Radirgy Swag, Coming Spring 2019


radirgy swag


Previously, back in August last year we reported that a new Radirgy shmup was announced for a platform starting with the letter “S”. This week, RS34 announced the game’s  official title, Radirgy Swag, narrowing down the options as to what platform the game is coming to.


(It’s most likely the Switch.)


The official title and visual for the game has now been revealed on RS34’s website, showing off series protagonist Shizuru Kamigusa, and she’ll likely be the main playable character once again.


Other info revealed via the website is that the game will be singleplayer-only, and is currently being rated by CERO. It’s set to be a digital download-only title, and is set for a Spring 2019 release window.


As previously mentioned, titles in the Radirgy series have often followed a naming trend where letters of the platform it’s released on is incorporated into the name, such as with Radirgy Precious (PS2), and Radirgy Generic (GameCube), for example. The official platform for Radirgy Swag hasn’t been revealed yet, but you can probably guess it’s for the Switch.


Radirgy Swag is probably coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in Spring 2019.

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