Rage In Peace Is A Challenging Platformer Of Choosing How You Wish To Die


    This is Timmy’s final day of life, as the Grim Reaper has told him. Now, all Timmy can do is control where he chooses to die in Rage in Peace, a challenging platformer about death and acceptance.


    Timmy will be decapitated today, as the Reaper has told him, but he did not specify where, and Timmy only wishes to meet his end in his own bed while in his comfortable pajamas. In order for this to happen, players must help guide Timmy through a madcap world of puddle-dwelling sharks, offices filled with pit traps, and ruthless mummies in the Egyptian desert as they work their way back home.

    Rage in Peace will take players across a variety of silly locales and environments with only a double jump to save them. Players will need to learn from their mistakes as they navigate these trap-filled locations, finding the narrow safe routes that will let them take Timmy home safely.


    Rage in Peace is set to release in 2018, according to its Steam page. A demo is available from, IndieDB, and GameJolt.

    Alistair Wong
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