Ragnarok Online 2’s New Update Brings Smoother Animations And More Content



While some still swear by the original, Ragnarok Online 2 has been happily puttering away and has reached its first anniversary. As part of the festivities, it recently received the Advent of Valkyrie update, and the update packs in an additional 50 Job Master levels.


You’ll get new places in Morroc to fight in that are, magically and wonderfully, stuffed with monsters who are suddenly stronger than the most powerful bosses you’ve fought before. If this wasn’t a desert-themed update, I’d swear it was the water.


Part of the update is focused on aesthetic tweaks, such as improving the user interface and making battle animations smoother as seen in the video above.




The Advent of Valkyrie update is live on Ragnarok Online 2 servers now. You can read more about it here.