Ragnarok Online Adds A No-Combat Quest In Latest Update


While some might have been enjoying themselves playing Ragnarok Online 2, others have been chipping away still at the decidedly very old-school and hardcore original online RPG Ragnarok Online. In Japan, Gravity have released the seventh update in their Breidablik arc, called “Nameless & Stars,” that will finally reveal the truth behind the mysterious earthquake that rattled the kingdoms of Rune Mid-Guts and Arunabell.


Of note, the continuation to the questline’s “Strong Stars Story” sector will have multiple branching options that can result in six different quest rewards depending on your choices. It also has no prerequisites for having done any of the earlier quests, and no fighting at all—a rare show in the notoriously grind-tastic game. As a special feature, the questline also offers three times the normal experience rewarded, which should help those who dismay every time they think about trying to level up in the game.


Why the special mention on experience you might ask? Because Ragnarok Online, being part of the old-guard initial waves of online RPGs took to the words hardcore and ran with it. The game has two types of levels – Base Levels and Job Levels that you’ll have to level up, each becoming progressively tougher. And then, when you’ve thought you finished your character, you can reincarnate back to level 1 and do it again for better skills and spells. Needless to say, this takes a reallllyyyyy long while.



If you don’t really enjoy the idea of just reading and running around to finish some quests though, fret not. Ye olde schoole fannes will have a new zone for those Base Level 80 and above to grind in as well, with word of a monastery to explore and clear out. Could this be the legendary temple of fallen God Baldr? You’ll also be able to discover new, rare equipment gear that has the ability to enchant the card slots on them give them even more benefits.