Ragnarok Online Gets Official Clicker Spin-Off


ragnarok clicker

After celebrating the 12th anniversary of Ragnarok Online in June, Gravity Interactive has launched a “clicker” spin-off of the MMORPG today titled Ragnarok Clicker.


The spin-off is being developed by Playsaurus, the company behind Clicker Heroes, in partnership with WarpPortal. There are infinite levels for players to unlock as they click to defeat monsters. Per the publisher, “Ragnarok Clicker immerses the player, taking them back to Midgard to fight and defeat their favorite Ragnarok Online monsters from the original game without having to quest, travel or battle through the maps of a typical RPG.” There is also an Idle mode for players progress automatically, albeit slowly.



Ragnarok Clicker is now available on PC via Steam. A mobile version for Android and iOS devices is also planned for release in the near future.