As Siliconera reported last month, Capcom made it official by announcing hat the 7-Colored Bomber Rainbow Mika is the newest member to join Street Fighter V. The PlayStation Blog provides more details and a look at Mika in action with the latest trailer.


Here are some details provided on the blog:


R. Mika’s wrestling prowess will be on full display in Street Fighter V, as she dazzles opponents with a large variety of high-flying moves. This time around, her wrestling tag-team partner Nadeshiko also assists in the fight!


By calling Nadeshiko at the right time using R. Mika’s V-Trigger ability, you’ll be able to setup sneaky attacks and punishing command grab mix-ups that are sure to knock the stuffing out of your opponent. Players who enjoy close-combat guessing games and striking fear into the hearts of opponents will find R. Mika an absolute delight to play.


V-Skill: Mic Performance


R. Mika pulls out her trusty microphone and gives a heart-pumping monologue to the crowd. The longer the buttons are held down, the more powerful her normal and special throws become!


2015-08-27_091241 2015-08-27_091250

During her monologue state, she is able to absorb one hit from the opponent and can also cancel the speech at any time by letting go of the buttons, causing her to fling the mic at the opponent.


V-Trigger: Nadeshiko (3 Variations)


Now this is wrestling! Depending on the direction held during the V-Trigger activation, R. Mika’s faithful tag-team partner will deliver a surprising, high flying attack at the opponent from different angles: neutral (body splash from above), hold back (dropkick from the front), hold forward (dropkick from behind).


2015-08-27_091332 2015-08-27_091340

The different variations keep opponents guessing and afraid to hit buttons, perfectly setting up R. Mika’s damaging command throws.


Fans lucky enough to be attending PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle will have a chance to try out R. Mika at the Capcom booth, so be sure to swing by to see how she plays!


Here are some additional screenshots of R. Mika in action:


01_drop_kick 02_fierce_punch

03_giant_swing 04_jump_kick

06_v-trigger 07_body_splash

08_critical_art 09_tag_team

10_nadeshiko_drop_kick 11_nadeshiko_elbow_drop


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