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Raise & Guide A Ghoulish Army In Undead Horde


Beginning as a novice necromancer, players will call up ever-growing groups of undead and beasts as they loot and pillage their way across the kingdom that should be theirs in Undead Horde.


The player needs to find sources of corpses and other monsters throughout Undead Horde, seeking out anything they can raise to add to their forces. Using the undead they revive, players will attack cities and dungeons, killing those within and stealing their wealth. With each fallen foe, though, players can gain additional bodies to add to their forces, helping them grow in power with every defeated enemy.

Players can increase their necromancer’s strength over the course of the game by finding special treasures. These hidden items will boost certain properties and give your necromancer greater abilities, or they can be sold for gold which can be used to acquire other useful items.


Undead Horde is projected to release in late 2018.

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