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Ramlethal Is Still Wielding Swords in Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive Ramlethal Valentine Calvados

Arc System Works has uploaded a Guilty Gear Strive Starter Guide video dedicated to Ramlethal Valentine, showing how the wielder of Rattle-branded giant swords returns with a different play style from the previous series.

Ramlethal made her debut in the 2014 game Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- as the final boss for most characters to face in the Arcade Mode storyline. She has been known for her ability to control a pair of giant swords. While Ramlethal could set up the swords for remote attacks in the Xrd games, she handles them differently in Guilty Gear Strive.

Ramlethal now throws her swords with the Bajoneto move. The swords will remain in the corner unless she retrieves them back by approaching them, waits for them to return after a short time, or launches the overdrive move Calvados. The number of swords Ramlethal holds will affect other moves that utilize them, such as Sabrobato, Agresa Ordono, and her other overdrive move, Mortobato.

Arc System Works has been uploading new Starter Guide videos daily to helpĀ Guilty Gear Strive players prepare for the upcoming open beta test. The company has previously uploaded guide videos for Millia Rage and Zato-1. It will upload videos for Leo Whitefang, Nagoriyuki, and Giovanna in that order for the next three days.

Guilty Gear StriveĀ will officially launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on April 9, 2021. It will also be available on arcades in Spring 2021. An open beta test for the fighting game will be held on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 17-21, 2021.

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