Rampage Land Rankers Is Full Of Stylish Chibi Characters By Tetsuya Nomura



Square Enix recently revealed Rampage Land Rankers, an upcoming RPG designed by Tetsuya Nomura that involves exploring a dungeon in board game-like fashion. The game’s first trailer gives us a better idea of how it plays.


The dungeons in Rampage Land Rankers are automatically-generated, so it’ll always be different for each time the “Rankers” go in to explore. As seen in the trailer, the combat is the more RPG part of the game.


Each floor will have up to 10 different characters as you advance through the dungeon. There are also a bunch of characters that can be summoned by using certain items. For example, William, the guy in the top hat appears when using the “Key Cube”.


The tough-looking guy with the white hair named Valka will appear to save you after using the “Beacon” item when it looks like you’re about to get knocked out. Finally, the nurse named Florence will appear if your health is looking dangerously low, and you use the “Nurse Call” item.


At 1:03, the video shows us a look at all the different styles of dungeons, that are filled with friends and foes, treasures and traps. You’ll also find cards used to win prizes or make your avatar stronger through random parameter increases.


While we still don’t have much details as far as multiplayer goes, players will get to exchange information through a certain system, and there will also be combat cooperation.


Rampage Land Rankers will release in Japan this May for iPhone and Android.

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