Rampage Land Rankers’s Card Battle System Explained



    We previously got a look at how Rampage Land Rankers will rely heavily on player cooperation to take on dungeons. The latest video demonstrates more on the battle side of things.



    While taking on a stage, you’ll land on a square with an enemy on it, which initiates battle. The battles are turn-based, and you’ll fight using cards that are in your hands to attack the enemy.


    If you go in a square that already has another player fighting a monster, you’ll get to join in on the fight to assist them. In addition to cards for regular attacks, there are cards with all kinds of effects that you can use in battle. Some cards can be used to hit enemy weaknesses while others can provide more support.


    Depending on the situation, you’ll get to occasionally do additional attacks by activating the “Bonus Action.” The “Awakening Card” is used to do powerful Burst Attacks; however, they also have a chance of giving you negative status effects as part of its risk.


    Assist Cards will also come in handy during combat. These cards will let you borrow power from those who give you “Good Job” points that are given to you for using Cooperation Cards. You can check out more on that in our earlier report.


    There are various formations as part of Assist Cards, and gathering more of the same class Assist Cards will allow for even more powerful formations. For this reason, it’ll be important to collect even more Good Job points from other players by cooperating and lending a hand.


    Rampage Land Rankers will launch in Japan this month for iPhone and Android.

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