Be A Raptor, Eat Chickens, Poop Robot Eggs In Time Glitch Jammers



If you want more games that let you play as carnivorous dinosaurs then it’s worth checking out Dinopunch’s Time Glitch Jammers, which is currently on Kickstarter, as it lets you live the life of a talking raptor called Francis.


As Francis, you’re tasked with protecting your game developer friend Rob as he tries to save the future by making the game best game ever. It’s a bit of a Bill and Ted story mixed with the Sega Genesis Jurassic Park game in which, yes, you played as a raptor. Unlike that Genesis game, though, Time Glitch Jammers plays more like Super Crate Box.


The idea in each level is to prevent Rob, who sits in the bottom center of the level with his computer, from being disturbed. In the pre-alpha demo that you can download, you’ll be gobbling up chickens of various sizes and speeds that appear from pipes at the top of the level before they flap on over to Rob’s position.


To help you along, Francis can eat meat to brew up an egg full of nanorobots (this is the future, after all). The nanorobots initially take the form of a barrier that the chickens can peck through, but you can purchase different forms such as nanorobots that zap the chickens as they try to walk past.


Some nanorobot upgrades also allow you to turn Francis’s flesh, green-skinned body into an impenetrable metallic one. You may think that a bit over-the-top just to gobble down some chickens but, well, the DNA of these chickens has been mutated, and so there are some nasty variants out there.


If you’re interested in this slightly bizarre time-travelling action game then check out its Kickstarter page for more information. Dinopunch is looking for $15,000 in funding, and is offering a copy of Time Glitch Jammers for $15, or $10 if you’re quick enough, as well as alpha access, an extended demo, and much more.

Chris Priestman