Nintendo 3DS

Rathalos And Zinogre Return In All Their Glory For Monster Hunter 4


Two new monsters to hunt, kill, crush, maim and send weeping have been revealed on Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 website in the final days leading up to the release of the Nintendo 3DS game—and they’re two of the most recognizable in the series.



The first is fire dragon Rathalos, spewing flame and using his speed and flight to swoop down on unwary hunters below. Referred to as the King of the Sky, his rookery (which houses his wife Rathian as well) overlooks his territory easily from on high. Be warned, the tip of his tail contains poison, and when he ground slams hunters to the floor is more than happy to take a healthy bite out of daring foes.



Also opposing unwary hunters is thunder dragon Zinogre. Using lightning and thunder while rending swipes of his razor-sharp claws and long tail lashes, he will also occasionally call on surrounding lightning bugs to grant him super-charged powers. If so, get far away, as the thunder god’s lightning strikes will annihilate all fools left around him.


Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS is out September 14 in Japan.