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Rathalos Swoops Into Final Fantasy XIV Today In The Monster Hunter: World Collaboration



Final Fantasy XIV adventurers can get a taste of Monster Hunter: World today with the start of the collaboration event featuring a Rathalos fight that released alongside Patch 4.36.



Players who’ve reached level 70 can unlock the collaboration quest, “The New King on the Block” by visiting Hearty Hunter in Kugane. Requirements are simply being at level 70 and having completed the main scenario quest “Stormblood.”



“The Great Hunt” is the duty to fight Rathalos that is unlocked by progressing through The New King on the Block. It has a minimum item level of i320 required to undertake this duty. After defeating Rathalos in the Great Hunt, you’ll get to take on a tougher four-player version with “The Great Hunt (Extreme).”


Those who beat Rathalos can obtain a variety of Monster Hunter: World-themed rewards:

  • Rathalos Armor Set – Equipment Inspired by Rathalos
  • New Minions – Poogie and Palico
  • New Mount – Ride Rathalos, the “King of the Skies,” throughout Hydaelyn
  • New Furnishings – BBQ Spit



You can get a closer look at the collaboration contents along with a trailer in our previous report.




Patch 4.36 also introduces the next chapter in The Forbidden Land Eureka series, “The Pagos Expedition.” Players will get to explore an all-new area to further strengthen their Eureka weapons and obtain additional rewards.


Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Monster Hunter: World is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Its PC version launches on August 9, 2018.

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