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Ray Gigant Goes Rhythm Heaven With Its Ultimate Attacks



Ray Gigant, the upcoming PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler by Bandai Namco and Experience will have you take on giant monsters that are out to destroy the world. You’ll be able to take them on by using powerful attacks and transformations. 4Gamer shows us how it’s done.


As detailed in our earlier report, Ray Gigant’s battle system will let you choose up to five commands to perform per turn. However, if you use SP points to activate the SBM (Slash Beat Mode,) you’ll get a chance to multiply that by several dozens as a way to do a significant amount of damage to the enemy.


Once active, the SBM completely changes the interface, where you’ll get to enter input commands similar to the way you would in a rhythm game. By successfully hitting all the notes right, you can even do over 100 hits with the SBM. You can get a glimpse of how it looks in our previous report.


Additionally, three protagonists can unleash a special transformation called Apotheosis, which is pretty much like a “god mode” transformation that completely changes their looks and behavior.


Once this power is unleashed, they temporarily throw away their human reasoning and become one with the Yorigami, while unleashing powerful energy that allows them to continuously pull off multiple super attacks. This transformation is done through the SBM.


Here’s a look at the three protagonists in the Apotheosis forms:


Ichiya Amakaze:

004 006



Kyle Griffin:


009 010 011 012

Nil Phineus:



014 015



Ray Gigant is slated for release in Japan on July 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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