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Ray Gigant’s Battle System Takes A Leaf Out Of Bravely Default’s Book



Demon Gaze developers Experience are working on a new dungeon crawler called Ray Gigant, which features three different protagonists and their fight against monsters from outer space. Producer Hajime Chikami and director Motoya Ataka shares a look at gameplay footage.



The gameplay footage starts at the 5:10 mark. In the first part of this demonstration, the game is played in the protagonist Ichiya’s part of the story. There are no random encounters in Ray Gigant.


They open a chest with a couple Resource items in it. By getting such items, you’ll get to use them to power up your characters. Players will get to choose what kind of enhancements they use for each character. For example, a Fire Sword will give you the power of a fire effect to your attacks, and so on.


As you advance through the dungeons, you’ll have various conversations within your party, as seen at 7:22. Experience consider Ray Gigant to be a “story dungeon RPG,” so there will be all kinds of events such as these.


While going around, the dungeon will automatically be mapped as you go along. You’ll know where the enemies are with an “E” marker on the map, so it’ll be safe to travel and prepare for any fights that await.



The monsters you see on the field come in three different colors of blue, yellow, and red. Blue means it’s an easy foe, while yellow means you’ll have to be a little careful, and red is used for the toughest monsters.


At 9:15, we get a look at the battle system of Ray Gigant, which has a system that’s a little reminiscent of Bravely Default, with AP (Active Points) for all actions.



The top-left number on the screen indicates your party’s AP, and the “Three Command” system shows how all characters can use three commands at a time, and they all cost AP. The AP is shared with all the party members.


You can choose up to five commands to perform per turn. You can use all five action slots with the three party members, but it might cripple you on the next turn with fewer AP. AP recovers whenever the enemy does any actions, and they’ll have their own AP system, so they can also choose to attack multiple times per round.



The above screenshot shows all three characters using two commands each, with the last one opting with Flame (cost 09AP) and Heal (cost 07AP) which is more on the balanced side, as you’ll be sure to retain most of the total AP for the next turn. There’s also a useful “Repeat Command” that lets you use the same combination of moves from the previous turn.


You can check them take on a “red” monster at the 16:55 mark of the video to end the trailer. This is a mid-sized Gigant, and appears to be one of the earlier bosses.


Ray Gigant is slated for release in Japan on July 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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