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Reality Shift Changes Kingdom Hearts 3D Into A Comic Book


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance switches combat to the touch screen when you trigger a Reality Shift. In the Tokyo Game Show demo, you would do this by pressing A and X at the same time. Trigger a Reality Shift in the Country of the Musketeers and the world changes into a touch screen comic book where Donald, Goofy, and Mickey help you attack Nightmares.


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Dream Eaters, like Hornceratops, are allies. They fight on their own, but you can press an icon on the touch screen to do a link attack, which makes Hornceratops transform into a spiked ball.

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Handsome Pegasus (seriously, that’s its name) has Thoroughbred Ride as its link attack. Use it to make Sora or Riku ride the Dream Eater and rush enemies at high speed.

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You get to bring two Dream Eaters with you in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Comet drops a meteorite on the battlefield.

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Wonder Jamboree makes a Wonder Nyah swell up like a balloon before belly flopping on Nightmares. This is kind of like the Wonder Nyah’s regular link where Sora bounces on enemies while riding the Wonder Nyah.

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Unison Rush is a high speed physical attack.

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Players learn new abilities by unlocking them with link points on a sphere grid-like board.

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Ghost Clown and Scissor Beetle are two of the Nightmares you’ll fight in the game.

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance comes out on March 29 in Japan.

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