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Reco Love To Add New Costumes, Scenarios, And Kiss Mode DLC This Month



Kadokawa Games and Dingo’s Reco Love, the simulation game by Photo Kano producer Ichiro Sugiyama, is getting sets of DLCs this month, with costumes, a new “Kiss Mode,” and more. Here are additional details from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here’s what the game will see added via updates:



  • Santa Dress
  • Black Tightwear
  • Black Bunny
  • White angel


Reco Love: Blue Ocean Additional Scenarios

  • December 16: Miyuri Aida Scenario
  • Date TBA: Mana, Kokomi Isuzu, Yuina Scenarios


Reco Love: Gold Beach Additional Scenarios

  • December 16: Yuuko Uchima Scenario
  • Date TBA: Mana, Kokomi Isuzu, Yuina Scenarios


Additionally, Reco Love’s both versions will get a free version update in late-December which adds a new Kiss Mode to the Free Reco Session. This mode lets you touch a heroine’s face to have her do a kissing face. You can only watch her kissy face if you make her fall in love with you in the main game.


Reco Love is available for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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