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Reco Love Has A Video Recording Feature, Details Its Key Characters



Dingo and Kadokawa games previously revealed their new title, Reco Love, a love simulation game by Photo Kano producer. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides us with more details. [Thanks, Hachima.]


As previously reported, Reco Love comes in two versions of Blue Ocean and Gold Beach, and they’ll feature different story developments, heroines, and events.


The magazine shows a “Reco Session” system that lets you freely take video of the girls. This feature is supported by the PlayStation Vita’s motion sensor, and control the camera by moving around the console.


In addition to being able to record video within the game, you’ll be able to retrieve the video’s mp4 data and get it on your PC, upload to NicoNico, Twitter, or YouTube. Again, there will also take photographs in Photo Kano fashion, too.


Here are details on some of the characters. Keep in mind that names are subject to change once we get official rominization or furigana:



  • Seiya Doumoto (CV:Takahiro Sakurai)



  • Miu Sagara (CV: Nao Toyama): Second-year student. A female classmate of the protagonist. She’s average in sports and studies, but she has exceptional talents in acting, where she can completely become the character once she puts on their accessories.


  • Marina Prinscilla (CV: Yu Shimamura): Third-year student. An exchange student from Finland who is fluent at Japanese. She’s confident with high pride, and treats the protagonist as her younger brother.


  • Riko Sorimachi (CV: Kana Ueda): Second-year student. A bright girl who attended the top entrance school of the Kansai-region up until middle school. She speaks in regular Japanese, but the moment she gets excited, she busts out her Kansai dialect. She shares a friendly relationship with the protagonist.


  • Nagisa Misaki (CV: MAO): Third-year student. The captain of the Cute Movie club that the protagonist is a part of, and also the class president. She’s adored by other girls, but she also loves cute girls, herself.


  • Mahiro Naruse (CV: Maaya Uchida): Third-year middle school student. The protagonist’s childhood friend who lives in the neighborhood. She attends a different school but goes to the same school as the protagonist during camp.


  • Rise Himeki (CV: Yui Ishikawa): Fifth-year elementary school student. A gymnastics prodigy that can pull off exceptionally difficult moves. She’s a calm girl who rarely laughs. She’s smart and has the personality of an adult.


The protagonist has an older sister and a younger sister. In Blue Ocean you’ll get his younger sister named Mana (CV: Yuka Iguchi), a “chuunibyou” there to advise you. In Gold Beach you’ll get his older sister Yuna (CV: Ai Kakuma) who is a model and will help out with advice.


Koukai Academy is the name of the school, which has students of all grades from elementary through high school. There’s a studies and exercise training camp called the “Mitsumi Camp” that takes place during the summers. This is where you’ll get to deepen your bonds with the heroines and work towards the goal of confessing your love.


Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Gold Beach will release in Japan in summer 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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