Record And Analyze Ghost Recordings In Sylvio 2’s Prototype Demo


Swedish studio Stroboskop is looking to raise 130,000 krona (about $15,000) on Kickstarter to develop Sylvio 2, the sequel to its first-person horror adventure released earlier this year, Sylvio.


Sylvio 2 will once again be a first-person horror game and will see the return of protagonist Juliette Waters, the ghost recorder and EVP-specialist. Events kick off where the first game ended with Waters having to explore Saginaw Family Park after a forest fire and heavy rainstorms, either by foot or dinghy.


Differences start with the game’s open-world structure that will lead it to being 20-30 hours in length to complete. The reel recorder of the first game is being replaced with a videocamera and portable TV to record the ghosts, letting you watch and listen to recordings at different speeds and playback modes.


You’ll also have to solve environmental puzzles while fighting or avoiding conflicts with Black Orbs and Human Forms. There’s actually a prototype demo of Sylvio 2 you can download right now for Windows and Mac on


If successfully funded, Sylvio 2 should be out for PC around May 2017.

Chris Priestman