Record Keeper’s A Summoner Grown Event Offers Rydia A Wardrobe Change




A Summoner Grown, a Final Fantasy: Record Keeper event running from now until July 23, 4:59 PM PST, offers a change of look for Rydia by completing classic dungeons.


Players will also be able to unlock Yang, Kain, Rosa, Edward, and Edge by playing through the same classic dungeons, then move on to complete the elite dungeons to get Memory Crystals for them. Memory Crystal IIs and Motes (for Record Sphere users)are also available should players move on to finish the +,++, and +++ dungeons as well.


This event also offers Soul of a Hero, Memory Crystal Lode, and Memory Crystal II Lode for use in the Hall of Rites, letting players restore the Hero Records of characters from previous releases, as well as breaking their level caps.


This event offers two new Dragoon abilities as well: 5★ Dragoon Jump, which deals two jump attacks to one target, and 4★ Blood of the Wyvern, which deals ranged physical damage to one target and removes the delay from the users jump attack for two turns.

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