Record Of Lodoss War Online Game Gets First Teaser Shots



Fans of the classic Record of Lodoss War waiting for more news, there’s now the first few teaser shots for the official online role-playing game. The series itself is long and storied, and the game will be available on PC in Korea and Japan.


The first two screenshots and several teaser character profiles were released over on the site here, and it’s a trip back down the 2.5D semi-top down perspective memory lane. Really. The backstory will utilize author Ryo Mizuno’s manga Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch as its base.



img_char_2 img_char_3

Players will be able to take on the roles of Oracle, Esquire, Magic Users and something else that’s not quite been revealed yet.



The game is being developed by L&K Logic Korea, and will be published in Japan by Gameon.


Record of Lodoss War will be coming to PC.