Recruit Final Fantasy VII Heroes And Villains In Record Keeper’s “Blood Madness” Event


Final Fantasy Record Keeper’s latest challenge event, called “Blood Madness,” gives you another chance to recruit classic Final Fantasy VII heroes and villains.


By completing the event you’ll be able to recruit Reno, Sephiroth, Cid and Red XIII, and find their Memory Crystals (if you’ve already recruited any of them you’ll get a Greater Growth Egg instead). Sephiroth’s Memory Crystal II will also be available in the upcoming + dungeon.


But that’s not all. There are more quests to take on that let you recruit even more heroes from Final Fantasy VII:


  • Accept the quest "Complete Corel Prison Classic (VII)" to recruit Barret.
  • Accept the quest "Complete Nibelheim Classic (VII)" to recruit Zack.
  • Accept the quest "Complete Temple of the Ancients Classic (VII)" to recruit Aerith.
  • Accept the quest "Complete Gongaga Elite (VII)" to recruit Tifa.
Chris Priestman